Heroes for Hire

North by West...

Thought for the day - Rear guard is harder than Frontal Assault

A shipment of rare and raw materials in route to Prell has been hijacked and stolen, and the squad is sent to find and retrieve it.

Despite signs and eyewitness reports indicating that the shipment had been taken west, the squad’s ranger leads the party off to the north woods, where his instincts prove fortuitously correct—an abandoned tower is being used as a base by the bandit horde.

The squad’s ranger quickly devises a complicated decoy operation, and bravely volunteers to act as the bait. His forthright tactics are successful, and he manages to lure four guards away from the tower. Two of them are dishonorably dispatched from behind by the squad’s man-at-arms and irregular.

The irregular scales the heights of the tower to attempt to flank the bandit horde from above as the man-at-arms and furry breach the lower door. The irregular is shocked to find the bandit leader atop the tower, and more surprised to discover that the leader is a Gnoll. Unprepared to battle such a fierce monster alone, the panicked irregular hastily retreats, leaving behind valuable military-issue climbing gear. Meanwhile, below, the furry and the man-at-arm have managed, more thru luck than skill, to dispatch the berserker lieutenant of the bandit hordes, and several of his henchmen. Aided by the still-shaken irregular, the squadmen barely manage to hold their own against the three-to-one odds they face, only managing to turn the tide when the brave ranger, exhausted from his epic, marathon chase thru the woods, arrives to place a well aimed arrow fletching-deep into one of the nameless bandit swordsmen.

From there, the squad proceeds to the second floor of the tower where they encounter the remainder of the bandit horde… several archers, and swordsman, a spellcaster, a goblin chieften and, eventually, the Gnoll. The man-at-arms, furry and irregular are able to eliminate the threat there. The ranger, assisting until he sees his compatriots have the matter well in hand, retreats to secure the ground floor against any possible returning reinforcements the bandits might have. In the ranger’s absence, the other squad members are able to eliminate most of the bandit horde, unfortunately allowing the goblin chief to escape, and, embarrasingly, at cost of great personal injury to themselves.

Sallo Prell’s goods are recovered, yet, oddly enough, the bandit horde has no other loot, treasure, booty or schwag.

The squad returns to Prell’s to await their relief, eager to return to the main camp of The Shattered Tower where, perhaps, they can induct a cleric into their ranks.

- Chronicles of an Underpaid Mercenary, Chapter 1


I didn’t dishonorably dispatch anybody from behind. That was the furry, they’re into that ‘from behind’ stuff.

North by West...

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