Oathbound of the First Empire

During the time of the First Empire, command over the Imperial military was given over to a group of beings known as the Oathbound. Beings of incredible might and awesome power. They were second only to the Emperor himself. These men and women were the first beings to undergo the Ritual of True Binding, forever linking them body and soul to the Emperor and his First Empire.

Theoretically the generals were all of equal standing, but over the centuries a hierarchy formed, with the Oathbound known as Crow becoming something of a “First among Equals” in relation to the others

It is widely believed that when the founding Empire shattered, all of the Oathbound were killed and interred in the area now known as Dagoth Moor along with Their Emperor, and that their spirits still haunt the barrows there.

The names of several Generals survive as legend and superstition, the most commonly known are as follows.

The Pale Lord

Oathbound of the First Empire

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