The Shattered Tower

The Shattered Tower is a small mercenary company, numbering between two and three hundred members.

The company specializes in small contracts, personnel removal and acquisition, supply denial, creative engineering and other various sundry small unit tasks.

The company has a reputation for brutal efficiency rivaling that of the Border Legion.

The company is well known throughout the continent of Gennoc. Its founding members were counted among the warriors who fought alongside The Emperor against Hurin Ironjaw. After the Emperors fall, and peace had settled in, the veterans decided they had no taste for what The Empire was becoming and struck out on their own into the Borderlands.

The name of the company comes from the (now) ruined tower in Dagoth Moor where the emperor and Ironjaw both fell.

Known Tower Mercs

Sarred Feyblood
Rommel Kreiger

The Shattered Tower

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