Deathchill Tome

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    • Deathchill Tome
    • The cover of the book appears to be some sort of stretched hide, bound over wood planks. The binding is made of rough twine and has strange arcane symbols carved into the hide. The metal rivets feel strangely cold to the touch.
    • Weapon: Tome
    • Enhancement: +2 with Wizard cold powers
    • Critical: +1d12 cold Damage
    • Property: Property: When you use a wizard cold power through this tome, the target’s resistance to cold (if any) against that attack is reduced by 10.

      Property: This tome contains the two following Wizard powers.

      Maze of Mirrors Grasp of the Grave

      You can add these powers to your spellbook.
    • Power (Daily ♦ Arcane): Free Action. Choose a power contained in this tome and expend an unused wizard daily attack power. You gain the use of the chosen power during this encounter. The power is lost if you do not use it before the end of the encounter.
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Deathchill Tome

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