Hadrian's Journal

23rd of October

I have arrived at the trading port of Hurin’s Landing. It’s amazing to think that this is the first place that hairy savage stepped foot on what is rightfully Imperial land. The people here seem a good enough folk, none have harassed me greatly, though I assume that has as much to do with my companions as anything else.

Sir Donal has advised that we acquire rooms in the boarding house to acquaint ourselves with the area before pushing south into the Great Woods. No doubt he is picking the “safest” course of action as dictated by my father. When will they all learn? I am destined for great things. At least my other bodyguard keeps his opinions to himself. Sometimes I think the barbarian would kill me and eat me as soon as look at me, at least he seems to know his place.

27th of October

Finally, something to do.

I have made the acquaintance of an Imperial Inquisitor by the name of Augustine de Curiatias. The good Inquisitor has invited me to attend him in a trek to a local mining camp. There have apparently been some strange goings on there lately that have drawn his attention. As we are far from the influence of Imperial power it is my duty as a noble of the Empire to offer the services of my self and my men to aid in his cause.

31st of October

We have been at the mining camp. I believe it is known as Gelben’s Dig. I understand it is owned by an Imperial merchant by the name of Salo Prell who has interests across the north, though I can hardly see why anyone would bother with a backwater such as this.

The miners all seem industrious enough, though the Inquisitor seems uncertain, the man is a pleasant enough fellow, but I think he may be a bit paranoid. He says the Wyrd comes close to touching the real world in this area…

Superstitious nonsense.

The miners have come across something in their dig and the Inquisitor has gone with them to inspect it. I have no desire to go stumbling around in a cave in the middle of the night. I have informed my men we will be leaving for the village of Pinehedge in the morning. From there we shall resupply and press on to the ruins….

- Lord Hadrian Sull, 3rd son of House Sull, Empire of Five Cities

Hadrian's Journal

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